If You Liked Breaking Bad: How KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF Is Similar to the Cult Classic

Allison goes from the “perfect housewife,” to a not-so-perfect criminal in just a few weeks. Allison, in other words, breaks bad. Yes, that's right, we're talking about AMC’s cult classic Breaking Bad.

Walter White from Breaking Bad (played by Bryan Cranston) and Allison McRoberts of KEVIN CA F**K HIMSELF are undeniably different people. Walter’s a high school chemistry teacher who's happily married, and Allison’s a housewife who hates her husband. With that in mind, Allison and Walter both decide to leave their domestic lifestyles to “break bad.” Walter uses his knowledge of chemistry to begin making and selling meth. Allison uses her housewife cover to, without suspicion, search for ways to kill her husband Kevin.

So What Makes Walter and Allison Break Bad?

Both characters are faced with a looming deadline. Walter is told he has terminal lung cancer, and the idea of leaving his family with no support isn't acceptable to him. This leads him to desperately search for ways to bring in cash, and he finds his solution in meth. Allison’s facing a different deadline: the possibility of never living as her authentic self, aka living another day as Kevin's wife.

The drugs don't help either. Or, depending on how you look at it, they help a whole lot. After a night of cocaine-infused gut spilling, Allison gets in touch with how she really feels about Kevin... and begins fantasizing about killing him. Walter of course begins making meth as soon as he realizes its money-earning potential from his brother-in-law Hank. Each begins to move further away from their previous lives, to pursue new identities as criminals.

Allison becomes proud of being a rule-breaker. She steals lipstick, she takes Kevin’s prized hoodie, and she’s bold enough to ask Patty for drugs. In many ways, she takes on a secret identity, that frankly, Kevin wouldn’t recognize. Like Allison, as Walter becomes more and more drawn into his criminal lifestyle, he becomes unrecognizable to those who knew his former self. He even takes on a new name, “Heisenberg,” that symbolizes his commitment to the criminal identity he’s made for himself.

They Fly Under the Radar (for Awhile)

Becoming a drug lord or planning to kill your spouse is bound to get you noticed by family, right? Well, one of the key things that tie Allison and Walter’s stories together, is that they break bad without their families noticing (at least for a while). Allison’s been a reliably perfect housewife for so long that things that might have been suspicious to the average person (like sneaking out at night to score drugs), goes unnoticed by Kevin. Walter also has a cover to excuse his irregular behavior, he's really f***ing sick. His cancer often serves as an excuse for why he’s been missing from his job at the high school, or why he’s not home during the late hours of the day.

They Don't Do It Alone

Allison and Walter don’t break bad all on their own. They always seem to have a single partner in crime. Allison’s got Patty, and Walter has Jesse. They both meet their partner out of convenience. Patty is Allison’s neighbor, and Jesse is one of Walter’s former chemistry students. Together, with their partners in crime, Allison and Walter become bolder. But with neither of their partner's being actual experts in crime, they end up making a lot of mistakes too.

The F**K Up, A Lot, But They Keep Going

Just think of the first time each duo went on a drug-related mission. Walter and Jesse may be good scientists, but when stealing a barrel of methylamine for their latest recipe, they leave investigators laughing over their attempts to lift the heavy round object rather than just rolling it over to their car.

Although, failing to roll a barrel is not as much of a rookie move as when Allison and Patty made their first deal for oxy and didn’t even check to see what they were trading it for! To be fair, had any of us gone out and tried to steal meth-making chemicals or buy oxy from shady drug dealers, we’d in all likelihood have far less composure than these duos.


Breaking Bad and KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF have a lot more in common than one might think. Let’s be honest, with Allison’s turn to the dark side, KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF could have just as easily been named Allison’s Breaking Bad. Ultimately, both shows are stories about everyday people who find themselves becoming dignified criminals without fully realizing it. So far, Allison has only begun to find her criminal side… will she become the next “Heisenberg?” Stay tuned to find out!

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