A Discovery of Witches's Matthew Roydon vs. Matthew Clairmont

In Season 1 of A Discovery of Witches, we were enamored by Matthew Clairmont. The man couldn't help but flirt with the camera (watch the video below if you need a reminder).

In Season 2, it's more of a fearful frown as Matthew goes on a much more introspective journey. In the premiere episode of the latest season, we're thrust into All Hallows Eve, and Matthew Clairmont is made to confront his complex past (aka 'Matthew Roydon’.) Throughout Season 2, we'll witness an internal battle of epic proportions as Matthew battles his old self, all while trying to keep his vampire head above water.

Let's take a deeper look at these two Matthews, and ask: will the real Matthew please stand up?! Or will we have to wait for Season 3?

So, Who Is Matthew Roydon?

As Season 2 unravels, we almost forget about the geneticist, wine-drinking, modern-day Matthew. In his place, we meet the 16th-century poet, Matthew Roydon, a part of The School of Night community which Deborah Harkness marvelously reimagined into vampires and demons in her books.

Matthew resumes his old work as a spy, outing Catholics (even though he is one,) and torturing people under the instructions of Queen Elizabeth to help obtain vital information that we will not spoil for you! Who knew Season 1's Matthew could be a torturer? As we witness this hardening of Matthew, it’s hard not to question our feelings for him.

A Deeper Examination of Matthew Roydon

Who else to better expose the real you, than your demon best friend Kit Marlowe? He's from waaay back in the day, and part of your old gang from The School of Night. What Kit exposes, simply put, is a lot. For us mortals, I’m sure if we traveled back to earlier chapters of our lives we would discover equally unfamiliar versions of ourselves.

As Diana finds her new powers and looks for the Book of Life, Matthew resumes his old spy job, aims to remain loyal to his old friends, faces the regression of grief, and gets extremely vulnerable in the face of his father Philippe de Clermont. It's enough to make anyone spiral, let alone a vampire trying to control his hunger. This spiraling leads to a fantastically watchable Discovery of Matthew Roydon.

Now, imagine being in Diana's shoes, and seeing the man you're in love with hunt your fellow witches. Yikes.

Matthew Roydon Meets Diana Bishop

Season 2 is like a first date all over again for Matthew and Diana. As Diana is confronted with her new man, Matthew Roydon, you can tell by her face in the first five minutes that it's going to be a rollercoaster of a journey. This new Matthew is heavier and highly irritable, as he copes with the vulnerability of his inner demons possibly being exposed to Diana. This strain is the perfect ingredient for some real relationship discoveries, among many other discoveries to come this season.

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We'd love to know, do you prefer the Matthew of the present or of the past?

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